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236 Gas Purifier (H2S Scrubber)

The 236 Series Gas Purifier utilizes a bed of iron sponge as the active media for H2S removal. In the Gas purification process, hydrogen sulfide is removed by passing sour gas through the purifier.
As the biogas goes through the purifier and reacts with the media, H2S is removed by reacting with the (Fe2O3). The chemical reaction results in forming ferric sulfide (Fe2S3), water and heat.

MXQ PCP’s are produced in single and multi-stage
designs. The number of stages determines the
maximum delivery pressure. This is up to 90 psi for
single stage, up to 180 psi for two stages, and up to 360
psi for four stages. If the number of stages in increased,
the pressure which the pump can create rises
proportionally. The construction allows material to be
conveyed in both directions, high suction capacity and
gentle conveying

The hydrogen sulfur (H2S) is removed from the biogas in a biological process. The sulfur oxidation bacteria thrives and multiplies on a packed media inside a closed acid-proof tank.

The purpose and function of the MXQ PC pump is to
move media continuously and gently. With the various
material combinations for the rotor and stator, along
with the extremely low shearing strain, MXQ’s PC
pumps are ideally suited for measuring and dosing

244E Enclosed Waste Gas Burner

The Varec Biogas 244E Enclosed Burner Systems are designed to burn biogas efficiently and safely over a wide range of operating parameters. With no visible flame, the 244E systems use an innovative stack design to naturally induce the proper amount of combustion air which guarantees high destruction removal efficiency.

5810B / 5820B Relief Valve and Flame Arrester

The Varec 5810B/5820B Series Relief Valve and Flame Arrester is a combination of the Varec 2010B/2020B Series Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valve and the Varec 5000 Series Flame Arrester. This unit combines the high flow capacity of the Relief Valve with the easy-to-maintain extensible bank flame arrester for maximum protection and reliable operation.