PROTEGO® - Products for safety and the environment.
Explosion protection with PROTEGO® valves and equipment prevents disasters. Worldwide purchasing, modern manufacturing facilities, permanent quality control and global communication guarantee high quality of products and services. With products supplied and services provided, we are committed to safety and the environment: PROTEGO® - I protect.

Hex Valve  Industry leader of instrument manifolds, orifice block valves, gauge valves, needle valves, block and bleed valves, Monoflange, High Temp and Bar-stock Alloys availabl

BARTON indicators are available for a variety of safe working pressures and differential pressure ranges. They are widely used for the measurement of differential pressure, flow rate, and liquid level applications.

GEMÜ metal diaphragm valves are available in a weir-type version and in a full bore version and, because they are insensitive to particulate media, they are suitable for numerous industrial processes. Coatings and plastic linings are optionally available.

We offer an extensive product range of thermal, Coriolis and ultrasonic flow meters and controllers for low flow rates of gases and liquids. Our flow instruments are used for a variety of applications in laboratory, machinery, industrial and hazardous areas. By sharing our knowledge and closely cooperating with OEM customers in the field we develop customer specific low flow solutions, e.g. of multifunctional, pretested modules or skids for gas, liquid of vapour flow control.

RC Systems Inc. provides reliable Gas Detectors and Critical Alarm controllers. Applications include fixed and temporary ambient gas detection as well as numerous other multi-signal monitoring applications using both wired and wireless communications.

Because of the unique properties of biogas, special consideration must be given to the design of the gas handling system, especially in regards to maintainability and safe operation under all conditions of the anaerobic process.

Varec Biogas, the leading total solutions provider of biogas safety and handling equipment, along with gas condition systems. 

Quality Machine & Metalworks operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001/2000 for the manufacture of liquid level gauges and valves, with design conforming to ASME/ANSI standards, and produced to B16.34, B31.1 & B31.3 codes, which are approved for the petro-chemical and power industries.Type your paragraph here.

Based in Aesch, Switzerland, Vogtlin is producer of thermal massflow instruments for various markets with a strong worldwide sales service and distribution network. Our high-precision flow measurement and control devices are based on on high tech semicon MEMS sensor technology.

SENSOR introduces the Sampling Systems product line, these products are closed loop sampling systems and are an important part of process optimization and safety.

Steriflow is your single source for high performance, high quality, sanitary pressure regulators, control valves, and clean steam SIP specialties.

Chase offers a variety of high pressure filters for air, gas, hydraulic fluid, engine lubricant, fuel, water and oxygen. Because of a wide offering of filtration needs, Chase is well diversified in its customer base, which is comprised of all DOD Service branches, major commercial manufacturers and aerospace OEM’s. With a wide variety of filters offered, Chase has the ability to cover virtually any market ranging from military, fuels and chemicals, transportation, power generation, gas manufacturers and distributors and general industry.

McCrometer flow meters offer unbeatable value in cost of installation and ownership, they serve a diverse market with flow measurement solutions to fit each customer’s application needs. The V-Cone Flow Meter is an advanced differential pressure flow meter for use with liquid, steam or gas media. They offer FPI Mag, Propeller flow meters and, Electromagnetic Flanged Flow Meter.

M-I-C, Inc.  Your source for:  Regulators – Control Valves – Temperature Regulators- Sanitary Valves- Sample Coolers- 3A Valves- Mag Meters- Propeller Meters- Pressure Transmitters- Check Valves- Level Instruments- Pressure Switches- Temperature Switches- Pressure Relief Valves- Mass Flow Controllers- Rupture Disks- Sampling Systems- Gas Detectors- Safety Relief Valves, Rupture Disk, Turbine Meters, Barton Indicators and much more.

The GEMÜ 2/2-way Angle Seat Globe valve has a plastic piston actuator and is pneumatically operated. The valve spindle is sealed by a self-adjusting gland packing or a compact seal cartridge, dependent on the size and version. This provides low maintenance and reliable spindle sealing even after a long service life.

Static-O-Ring – Pressure Switches 30" Hq Vac to 15,000 psi, DP Switches, Pressure Transmitters, Dual Hi-Low, SENSOR sampling systems, Flow Switches, Temperature Switch, Temperature Transmitter, and Miniature switches. Level Switch, Level Transmitter-  RF, Point Level Switch, Magnetic Float/ Displacer Switches, FM, CSA & ATEX, Nuclear Qualified.

MXQ is a company with over 20 years’ experience in the packaging, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of industrial fluid handling systems. We have specific expertise in dealing with hard to handle fluids and other toxic and dangerous processes. We are not just equipment distributors; MXQ is a company that specializes in closing the gap between equipment distribution and equipment operation. 

Jordan Valve is a leading global manufacturer of pressure regulators, back pressure regulators, temperature regulators, pneumatic and electric control valves, and accessories.

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M-I-C, Inc.

metering instrumentation controls

Sentry Sampling the go-to resource for high-performance sampling. The Sentry ISOLOK automatic point sampler provides representative samples of liquids and slurries such as waste acid, resin bead slurry, bauxite mud and raw municipal sludge. The Sentry IsoPure valve allows easy and safe sampling of liquids from closed systems such as vessels and pipelines, from industrial, food grade, hygienic to 3-A standard.aragraph here.

LowFlow Valve is a leading manufacturer of fractional flow and High Pressure Control Valves and Regulators.